The Fashion of John Keats Life and Death is a project for Keats House Museum in London and The Keats Shelley Memorial House in Rome. The project is a reflection on medical care, the experience of illness and how these element shaped Keats life, explored through costume based artwork created by Lindsey Holmes

In Giacomo Leopardi’s Dialogue between Fashion and Death fashion is deaths sister, aiding her in her work. In this project costume is a tool for exploring challenging issues. Dress connects all people across all circumstances and throughout history, linking us back to our own lives. Dress is a spellbinding narrator, despite its everyday appearance, In Leopardi’s text, when fashions influence is questioned she states, “obviously you don’t seem to know the power of fashion”

Designed to be touched, handled and even tried on, each piece will invite the audience to explore further to uncover their narrative, the more the audience engages the more they will discover.

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