Process and Collaboration

This blog post is about process, and collaboration.

The process of concept to finished artwork, and a collaboration between myself and the very talented hair stylist Toni Tatlow, who created the period inspired styles for my forthcoming book. Toni works at P Kai hair in Peterborough.

At the beginning of this year Toni contacted me about a hair styling completion she was planning to enter and I offered to make an outfit for her model to wear.

We started with this catwalk pic Toni had as inspiration;

source unknown

source unknown

I didn’t have any fabric like it in my stash, but I did find these two fabrics, which we both liked;

IMG_1716 One is a sheer cotton stretch jersey; the other is a Vintage 1970s liberties stripe satin.
































Playing around with the shapes in Toni’s inspiration picture and these fabrics I came up with this;



Which I liked, until I started thinking about nightwear and then I became obsessed with not making it nightwear, so of course everything I did made it look like nightwear!


I started playing round with the fabric and the scissors on the stand and created a 1920s style straight dress with handkerchief hem gores and an over sized wrap style jacket with a belt. My friend Korina and I just kind of snipped at it, drank tea, snipped at it some more, until it came together, this is it nearly finished;




And this is how it looked in the final shoot,

Photo by Kai, Model; Lauren Wright

Photo by Kai, Model; Lauren Wright


Isn’t it wonderful how creative minds work together!?


About lholmes4keats

I have worked with Museums across the UK for the last ten years making costumes for exhibitions on everything from The Titanic to Tyrannosaurs. I have Run workshops and lectures on costume both nationally and internationally, my work has featured in exhibitions, films and theatre productions both nationally and internationally. In 2011 I curated The Needle is always at hand, an exhibition of dress based on Fanny Brawne's life while she lived at Keats House.
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