“What you see, is what you see”

“What you see, is what you see” Jasper Johns

The needle is always at hand on tour

Last year I toured different versions of the needle is always at hand exhibition original made for Keats House in 2011, to the following locations;

Atlanta, USA, The American Costume Society Symposium, virtual tour, June 2012, funded by The UK Museums Association

The Text & Textiles Conference run by The Material Texts department at Cambridge University, September 2012

The Jane Austen Festival, Bath, September 2012

‘The Real Thing?’ The Value of Authenticity and Replication for Investigation and Conservation run by The University of Glasgow and The Getty Foundation, December 2012

I thought it might be a useful to reflect not just on the tour, but how each experience started my thinking process for The Fashion of John Keats Life and Death, I’m going to try and do this mostly through a photo-essay

I really hope this is not just like you having to look through my holiday photos, I don’t think there are any pictures of my meals. It’s kind of a photographic record haptic perception taken as a mnemonic aid for my poor overfilled brain

First up, Atlanta…









To be continued..

About lholmes4keats

I have worked with Museums across the UK for the last ten years making costumes for exhibitions on everything from The Titanic to Tyrannosaurs. I have Run workshops and lectures on costume both nationally and internationally, my work has featured in exhibitions, films and theatre productions both nationally and internationally. In 2011 I curated The Needle is always at hand, an exhibition of dress based on Fanny Brawne's life while she lived at Keats House.
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